Added value


Over the past 15 years, F. Initiatives has developed a proprietary methodology based on our experience with more than 6,000 clients around the world.


F. Initiatives does not depend on external financing or investment, and our healthy financial position gives us the freedom to continue investing in the company – and develop our activities in other countries to ensure business growth.

This makes us a model partner: forward-looking and assuring the consistency and quality of our service offering - not just today but in the years to come. And we have increasing opportunities for expanding our expertise to serve clients with head offices or subsidiaries in other countries.


The reference document for understanding the role of science and technology in economic development, the Frascati Manual contains the internationally accepted definitions of R&D that serve as a common language for discussion of science and technology policies.

It has become a benchmark for R&D studies worldwide, and is widely used by organisations related to the United Nations, the European Union and countries outside the OECD.

F. Initiatives is proud to be authorised by the OECD to publish the Portuguese (2007), Basque (2008), Catalan (2010), Brazilian (2011) and Chilean (2013) editions of the Frascati Manual.

This gives us a comprehensive understanding of the R&D eligibility criteria used by HM Revenue & Customs (UK), and enables us to advise on maximum optimisation of our clients’ R&D tax incentives.


Non-intrusive management

Real-time traceability

Dual skills: technical expertise and fiscal engineering

Success fees: entirely results-based remuneration

Security and confidentiality of information

A dedicated team of experts on R&D finance in every industry sector

Our team of engineers and PhDs are trained in every aspect of R&D tax relief for the maximum optimization of your company’s claims.