Work with us


At F. Initiatives we believe that the first step for growing our business is to look after our employees. Which is why our Human Resources policy is based on the following values:

Wellbeing and life balance

Mindful of the health and wellbeing of our employees, we’ve created a work environment that helps achieve a balance between personal and professional life. We organise company and sports events, and promote team building to strengthen the synergies between different teams and offices.


We’re proud to have more than 20 nationalities working for our company. F. Initiatives’ success is based on the diversity of our workforce and its wide range of talents. We consider freedom of opinion and beliefs to be a fundamental value.


We place value on human relations: teamwork, a strong relationship between managers and their teams, and the exchange of ideas and best practice.


We value our employees and offer remuneration based on recognition of ability and results, achievement of individual and overall objectives, and additional benefits.


On-going training is fundamental to the success of all our projects, and for the development of our employees. The training we provide is designed to consolidate or complement existing knowledge. New skills are learned through specific training programmes on subjects including management, taxation, accounting, time management and languages.


We want our new employees to quickly feel at home at F. Initiatives. We will personally introduce you to the company and organise specific training programmes and seminars to help you find your feet. Your integration will be progressive, but from day one we’ll work together on what matters to us most: your development.